Ballet in two acts
on music of western composers
Choreography by Alexandra Belinskaya

Our story began on normal everyday day. Early morning, the station, people are rushing to their trains, in order to travel to different cities. There are also those who return home. Many people, endless stream of thoughts, deeds, goals and plans. Not stop rushing. Large amount of luggage.

Young married couple appears on the platform, they are also in a hurry to their train, taking them to the other end of the earth. From the luggage-only a small neat little suitcase.

In appearance, this is an ordinary, in love pair. But something cold and detached man’s eyes, almost imperceptible cold…

The departure of the train is announced. Young couple in the last seconds is in the right carriage of the train. In turmoil and haste, small suitcase stays on the platform, lost or abandoned… Accident? …