Modern version based on Shakespeare’s play
on music of contemporary composers
Choreography by Anton Kiba

Scene 1 (Square)

The group of people on the square, smoothly moving, acts as one single mechanism. Suddenly, another group of people appears. With their appearance, the harmonious rhythm of life changes. The 2nd group tries to set everybody up for their wave. The first company resists, the action goes into chaos. Everyone throws each other. The struggle for leadership turns into a fight. The first group of people crawls away from the square. One person does not fall off. It’s Mercutio The company remains victoriously on the square, watching with pleasure how their opponents crawl away.

Scene 2 (Park)

A carefree young man (Romeo) spends his time in seclusion and dreams of the future.
Appears his friend Mercutio, who tells Romeo of the incident on the square and persuades Romeo to visit the offenders. 

Scene 3 (House of the Capulet)

Juliet in her room with friends. They are having fun and dancing. There is a handsome young man Paris. She is led to him, introduced — a common dance begins, all gradually move to the Hall. Gradually, people become more and more, they all join the dance. There are people of a hostile clan (Romeo and Mercutio) appear. No one notices their presence, everyone’s fun, swapping with pairs, the culmination of the dance. Meeting of Romeo and Juliet. As if a ray of light froze on them … they do not notice those present, their eyes met. Suddenly, feelings overwhelmed young people.
A flash of light. Tybalt recognizes Romeo, his fury attracts everyone’s attention. Tybalt threatens Romeo. Juliet holds Tybalt, allowing Romeo and Mercutio to retire. Tybalt is beside himself with anger. 

Scene 4 (Juliet’s bedroom)

Romeo and Juliet are happy. They are young and love each other. Romeo gives a beloved ring, they vow to love each other for the rest of their days.

Scene 5 (Park)

Upset company discusses a recent incident on the square. Here comes the cheerful Romeo and tries to stir his friends. He is reassured by the arrival of Tybalt, who threatens Romeo with hatred. Romeo leaves the conflict, for it intercedes Mercutio. The quarrel grows into a fray. Romeo tries to separate them. Sounds a shot. On the floor, the dead Mercutio, Tybalt above him with a gun. Romeo rushes to Tybalt, mass fight begins. The sound of the shot. Dead Tybalt, above him Romeo with a gun.

Scene 6 (House of Capulet)

Juliet, to her openly pesters Paris. She is fighting back from him as she can. Her friend tries to intercede for her. Paris is leaving. Juliet takes sleeping pills, she decided to imitate death. A friend must pass a note to Romeo. Juliette in oblivion. She is visited by visions in which she sees Tybalt and Mercutio. Finally she falls unconscious. Ghosts disappear, instead of them Paris and a girlfriend appear. Paris is shocked, Juliet is not breathing.

The funeral procession of the Juliet clan. Romeo secretly wants to see Juliet. The procession is gone and Juliet’s friend with the note as well. She could not see Romeo in the crowd.

Romeo bursts into the room. Juliet’s sluggish body. In despair, Romeo rushes to her. He tries to revive her unconscious body. His grief knows no bounds. Shot. Juliet wakes up from the shot, Romeo is dead. She is sure that she cannot live without her lover.

Two warring clans in one grief bend over the bodies of Romeo and Juliet.