Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Libretto of Marius Petipa in edition of Vladimir Troshenko
Based on the fairy tale by Ernst Hoffmann
«The Nutcracker and the Mouse King»
The fragments of choreography by Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov,Alexander Gorsky, Vasily Vainonen, Anatoly Emelianov


Guests are invited to a New Year’s Holiday in the Stahlbaum’s house. Drosselmeyer is among them, he is the close friend of the owners of that house, the wizard and the storyteller. Children are in joyful expectation of the New Year’s gifts, the Christmas tree was lit by bright lights and the celebratory ball has begun. As soon as Drosselmeyer departs from the guests, children ask him to conjure and show them new toys. They are delighted by the clockwork dolls. He gives them a new doll of the ridiculous and inconsistent Nutcracker. Masha’s brother Fritz plays with it and then breaks it. Drosselmeyer repairs the Nutcracker and it dances with Masha again. The evening comes to an end. After the farewell dance , the visitors leave and the children go to sleep.

During the night the room is lit up with the mysterious moonlight. Masha sings lullabies to the doll and falls asleep next to the Nutcracker. She dreams that the dolls come alive and all the world changes. Suddenly there is a whole horde of mice led by the Mouse King. Dolls and toy-soldiers are in confusion. The brave Nutcracker together with the doll army enters the fight against the Mouse King and his pack, but they are unequally matched and the mice take the upper hand. At this stage Masha fires a cannon and the mice take flight. The battlefield is now empty. The courageous Nutcracker has lost and Masha is in despair, but the miracle takes place and the amusing doll turns into a fine Prince, who carries away Masha in the surprising country of fairy tales. The Room turns to a blizzardy winter mood and the snow drifts to the ground in circles.



Masha and the Nutcracker-Prince travel through the fantastic Kingdom but they are pursued by the Mouse King and his army who give battle, but the Prince emerges victorious. The great celebration begins in honor of the winner and the citizens of the fantasy kingdom greet the happy Prince and Masha who fall in love. Dolls from all over the world entertain the lovers.

The Spanish, Arabian, Chinese, Russian and French dolls dance for them. New Year’s Eve comes to an end. Having woken up in the room, Masha doesn’t find the Nutcracker-doll and she understands that it was a wonderful dream. Wizard Drosselmeyer, who has told these fantastic New Year’s dreams, returns the Nutcracker doll to Masha, which she has grown so fond of…

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